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Village Hospitality

There is much exquisiteness in the simplicity of village life that complements a unique experience of being hosted by local community. If secluded hamlets appeal to you then ‘Village Hospitality’ makes wonderful setting for your next corporate retreat, social gatherings or family holiday. Imagine your journey across authentic rural settlement with lavish hospitality, panoramic views, healthy lifestyles, tranquil atmosphere and wide array of unforgettable experiences. We offer you some of most exotic village destinations cocooned in the comforts of nature. The cottages are nested in a pad of luxury with lush greenery, rustic beauty, soothing breeze, fish ponds, landscaped gardens that makes your travel ever memorable.

Guests can take a long walk across the spellbound land, engage in unique culture of villagers, spend the day fishing, farming or exhilarate in boating and adventure sports. Relish mouth watering organic food with strong emphasis on freshness, seasonal ingredients and prepared as per local flavors. Based on your requirement we choose the best natural surroundings, F&B arrangements, luxury transportation, friendly attentive services and entertainment and so that you can enjoy your journey at your own discretion.