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Beach Hospitality

Capture the essence of living in the ocean front, surrounded by lush natural views with an opulent backdrop for your special event. Let the party begin! As we create many vistas for guests to enjoy music, dance and provide them a comfortable setting for both business and social gatherings. From clear water tranquil retreat, white sand turquoise waters, majestic golden sands to rocky beaches we instill many moods with pristine surroundings, sun porches to mesmerizing moonlight. The enhancement begins from the moment you arrive for honoring an anniversary, weekend outing, birthday celebrations or company party and we promise your experience will stay memorable.

Wake up to the gentle sound of waves, spend the day frocking on water or unwind at a spa overlooking the beachfront. As the sun sets and the stars glimmer in the open sky guests gather for lavish multi cuisine dinner, champagne, live entertainment or skip to mouth watering deserts served with a smile. Enjoy luxurious lodging in Mediterranean style villas, bungalow cottages or roof-top terraces surrounded by breathtaking ocean views, dotted sands and verdant natural settings.